The Next Level of Playable Ads

A perfect match between users and your app

Our Playable Ads

PERFDRIVEN creates universal playable ads for mobile advertisers allowing end users to try for real apps or products before downloading or buying in any store (App Store, Google Play...). In a few words, we create a trimmed version of your app with full playability, only restricted by the time the user is able to play. Each Ad is designed and optimised allowing immediate interaction in order to increase the possibility to download the app from a store. Metrics are clear, playable Ads drive higher-intent installs from people who have experimented with an app and are therefore more likely to use it after installing

Try before download

Trying before downloading provides a real envy to know more and a higher number of installs as people have experimented with a like for like experience of your app.

Increase your LTV

LTV is one of the most important metric for understanding your customers and increasing LTV could lead to significant impact on your business.

Universal format

Our UNIVERSAL and unique Ad format provides access to the largest selection of publishers worldwide. We can display our Ads on all type of devices.

Key Benefits & Proven Impact

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Better User Retention

Increased Install Conversions

The Mobile Gaming Market

2B+ mobile gamers

+80% of revenues comes from mobile gaming (iOS & Android)

+40% of revenues come from in-app purchase



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